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Mission & Vision


Montessori’s essential priorities involve creating an environment which enhances the adolescent’s ability to:

  • Find one’s place in society
  • Understand the connection between finding one’s place in society and the nobility of all types of work
  • Experience and learn the lessons of living in community
  • Believe in the dignity of humans and that the world is a place of hope and progression of the human spirit


"To fulfill this vision, our school seeks the highest and most complete academic environment for each student and to form a human community that nurtures an atmosphere of caring and sets a thoughtful social climate. We strive to be a community of adults and teenagers who respect each other’s deepest personal and human qualities."


Through the Montessori Philosophy, we have come to have several goals:

  1. Learning — We ask and expect commitment to learning in the broadest sense of the word.  
  2. Community — We ask and expect commitment to the fostering and nurturing of relationships that builds community.
  3. Hard Work — We ask and expect commitment to the effort and willingness to meet difficult challenges, both personal and academic.
  4. Respect — We ask and expect commitment to manners that show our respect and caring for others.
  5. Peace — We ask and expect commitment to building a community that values the complex global and personal aspects of peace.