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Cincinnati Public Schools believes that students' participation in school-sponsored athletic activities improves academic achievement  and should be part of a well-rounded education. CPS offers a variety of athletic activities for grades 7 - 12.

Advantages of athletic participation 

Supports schools' academic mission, teaching students self-discipline, self-confidence and the skills to handle competitive situations.

  • Increases academic performance and reduces dropout rates.
  • Promotes the values of a positive lifestyle and good citizenship, and helps reduce the effects of negative peer pressure.
  • Reinforces students' positive image of self and school, and minimizes disciplinary problems.

College Athletic Eligibility

Student athletes who want to practice and play sports their freshman year in a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I or Division II College must satisfy the initial requirements of the NCAA. The NCAA adopted new standards for core courses and academic eligibility. For further details about the conditions for initial eligibility, refer to one of the following web sites:

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Athletic Director    Jeff Wiles 363-7080 Email Jeff
Assistant Athletic Director David Deamer 363-7149 Email David
Athletic Trainer Lauren Tauber 363-7147 Email Lauren
Strength and Conditioning Trainer Steve Pence 363-7080 Email Steve