Alumni Association

Remember how much fun you had with your friends at Clark and all the bonding experiences of fall camp, Andros and spring intersessions? How about Senior Project; what did you do, and what other projects stand out in your mind?

Remember playing in the jazz band, steel band or on sports teams?

Remember being in an Epic Productions play?

These "Clark experiences" had a hand in directing you down the path you follow today. But wherever you go in life, you're liable to find that not many people can understand the kind of learning you experienced at Clark. If you'd like to connect with fellow "Clarkies" and reminisce about the foundational events that occurred during your time here, contact the Alumni Association by email to help organize or find out about alumni events or meet ups that you can attend.

“Everything we do at Clark is for a reason and leads us to learning life lessons that we can take with us forever — we set goals for our future, not just for high school."

—D’aira C., 9th grade