Clark, Gamble Montessori High Schools Earn Dual Accreditation

March 15, 2019

Cincinnati Public Schools’ Clark and Gamble Montessori high schools have been awarded accreditation from two national groups recognized for high standards — the American Montessori Society and AdvancED.

Clark and Gamble high schools are the first non-chartered public high schools in the nation to earn accreditation from the American Montessori Society, the standard of excellence across Montessori schools.

The dual accreditation awards received in October 2018 resulted from three years of intense self-reflection and documentation by staff at both Clark and Gamble, assembling evidence of best practices of Montessori methods for secondary schools.

“The AdvancED accreditation helps us rise to the highest standards and reassures colleges and universities that we have credibility,” said Dean Blase, Clark’s principal. “And the American Montessori award assures our parents that we are truly Montessori.”

Gamble’s staff said the most fulfilling part was hosting the accreditation committee of Montessori teachers from around the country, with feedback and encouragement for the work Gamble is doing with students.

Clark Montessori High School, located in Hyde Park, was founded in 1994 as the nation’s first public Montessori high school. James N. Gamble Montessori High School, located in Westwood, opened in 2005 and was modeled on Clark.