Important Information for Metro Bus Riders at Clark Montessori School

August 21, 2019

Cincinnati Public Schools uses Metro buses to provide transportation services to high school students. This year, route 2432 (Queen City Montana) and route 2431 (Harrison Glenway) are the Xtra-Service routes for the west side. Both of these routes have been altered to accommodate riders who previously used route 2451.

Every year, route directions and numbers are reviewed, and may change based on where current students are living.

Depending on your student's specific address within our district boundaries, he/she may receive an unrestricted Metro Smartcard (which can access both regular and Xtra-Service routes) or a restricted Metro Smartcard (which is limited to Xtra-Service routes only).

How to Find Out What Bus Your Student Should Catch

For specific information on how to catch the Metro to Clark Montessori School, we encourage our students and parents to use the following tools:

Mobile Devices Web-based Tools
Free Transit App
  Google Maps