Mayor Cranley, Superintendent Mitchell and Board Member Davis talk careers with Clark Montessori students

October 17, 2018

Students at Clark Montessori High School were in for a surprise on the final day of classes before their two-week intersessions. Upon walking into Craig Rush’s classroom, they found Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, CPS Superintendent Laura Mitchell and CPS board member Ozie Davis sitting at their workgroup tables.

Superintendent Laura Mitchell asked students about their passions and shared ways they can use their intersessions to help shape their post-graduation plans.

Instead of the usual discussion about government and economics, students broke into small groups to talk with their special guests about what they hope to get out of their intersession experiences.

Intersession is a requirement for Clark Montessori juniors and seniors. For two weeks, regular classes are suspended so students can go on college visits, job shadow or volunteer at an organization that falls within their career aspirations, then start to make plans for pursuing those career pathways after graduation.

Mitchell talked with students about how they can discover their personal “Why” in life and shape their passions into a meaningful career by trying new things while they can.

“It’s okay to try something and realize it’s not what you thought it was going to be, so being flexible and open-minded is important,” advised Mitchell. “Your intersessions are the perfect time to try new things and find something that you love.”

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and CPS board member Ozie Davis talked with students about how to build a professional network.

Students shared what they would be doing during their intersessions and what they hoped to get out of their experiences. One student was going to volunteer at her elementary school, Pleasant Ridge Montessori, in hopes to learn about pathways into social work. Another student was interested in becoming a registered nurse practitioner, so she was spending her intersession at University Hospital. Another student was interested in journalism, media and politics and would be spending his two weeks at WVXU.

In another group, Cranley and Davis talked with students about the importance of networking and making connections with people in the community who were doing the very things the students wanted to do after high school. In turn, students asked Cranley and Davis about their own respective careers and the rewards and challenges of working in high-profile roles in public service.

The visit was in in collaboration with the City of Cincinnati’s “Give One for Cincy” volunteer initiative, which is intended to inspire all Cincinnatians to perform some act of service for others. CPS is a partner in the effort, encouraging students and families to volunteer at least one hour each month to help Cincinnati achieve the goal of 100,000 hours of service in 2018. Learn more about the initiative at

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Clark Montessori students, excited and ready for what they’ll learn during their two-week intersessions.