Special Announcement for Students interested in Technology

December 14, 2017

Is your student interested in Technology?

BDPA is a professional organization that is designed is to engage in outreach to train and prepare High School Students for college and careers. BDPA is in 46 cities in the US. Over the years we have trained many Clark Montessori students. In fact, Anthony Alvis participated in our National Computer Competition last year! The BDPA flyer contains essential program information for 2018 Computer Camp. The BDPA website contains details of the program as well as a link to apply for the 2018 offering. Classes start January 13, 2018

Please sign up if  your student wants to learn more about:

▪ Web Site Development

▪ Smartphone Applications

▪ Robotic Applications

▪ Desktop applications

▪ 3D Printing

▪ The Internet of Things (IOT)