Thank you, Teachers

May 17, 2019

Thank you, teachers!

It's National Teacher Appreciation Week and we have to say, our teachers at the Cincinnati Public Schools are the best.

This week, the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education passed a Resolution in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week. The Board of Education strongly encourages all members of our community to join with it in personally expressing appreciation to our teachers for their dedication and devotion to their work.

Resolution in Recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week

Our 2,900 teachers all bring something special to our classrooms. Whether you teach kindergarten, middle school or those students nearing graduation, your words of wisdom, kind actions and willingness to go beyond the call of duty has a huge impact on our students.

And so this week, we salute our CPS teachers who define excellence, seek innovation and are willing to go the distance, all in the name of our CPS students. You are making a lasting impact in our schools, communities and the teaching profession at large.

Teachers leave an everlasting impression. Everyone can recall a favorite teacher. The teacher staying later to help with a tough math problem, taking a few moments to explain the meaning behind a classic novel or simply listening can make a difference in a student’s life.

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Recently, we asked the 2019 CPS valedictorians to tell us who was their favorite teacher and why. Here is what they had to say.

Clark Montessori class of 2019 valedictorians and salutorians included Eliza Lehman, Kathryn Jeffreys, Gideon Smiley, Anna DiGiovenale and Maia Kiniyalocts.

"Mr. Wiers always encouraged me to challenge myself academically and athletically. I’m so grateful for his support for the last six years."

—Eliza Lehman

"Mr. Wiers is always challenging us to try harder at math and work hard to solve the problems, even when we don’t think we can—He is very positive."

—Kathryn Jeffreys

"Ms. Lanzador is my favorite teacher because she cares about me and the work I do. She is passionate about what she teaches and wants to understand her students' initiatives."

—Gideon Smiley

"Mr. Ramsay is always very encouraging and kind. He taught me so much." 

—Anna DiGiovenale

"Mr. Ramsay has helped me realize how much I love learning about the world. He opened my eyes to how interesting other cultures can be, which started me on the path to studying international relations."

—Maia Kiniyalocts