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Clark Montessori High School Profile

Clark Profile 2017-18 for college admissions offices.

Article about "followership"

Not Leadership Material? Good. The World Needs Followers. Read this NY Times opinion article by Susan Cain about how the glorification of leadership skills, especially in college admissions, has emptied leadership of its meaning and often deterred students from finding their true calling. 

The article speaks about leadership more in line with what we experience at Clark every day—leadership that reflects Montessori’s core values of Learning, Community, Hard Work, Respect and Peace. Our teachers and counselors also emphasize these values in letters for post-secondary program and scholarship applications for Clark students.  Enjoy!

Post-Secondary Center Services

Since "post-secondary" means "after high school," we help students of every grade level and their families plan for life after Clark.  This usually means college planning, but we can help you decide about other good options, as well, such as specific job training and military service.

Contact us any time to discuss the many exciting possibilities for you or your student.

Dawn Flanigan Johnson 363-7153

Amy Murray 363-7106

Jenny Lutes 363-7109

Planning for Parents

We hold informal meetings several times a year--open to the parents and students of every grade--on various topics, ranging from an overview of post-secondary planning to understanding how college financial aid works. And, we're available for one-on-one sessions with parents and students; contact us to schedule an individual session.

Planning for Students

We meet individually with students during their junior and senior years to help them navigate the process of exploring and applying for college or other post-secondary pathways.  We also meet with groups of juniors and seniors during their Advisory time each week to give more general information and allow them to ask questions that might benefit others. And, we coordinate a fall intersession for juniors all about post-secondary planning (see Post-secondary Intersession under juniors in the Post-secondary Planning Process, below).

Information about Opportunities and Deadlines

Through school-wide email "announcements" and postings to the top of this page, we inform families of grades 7-12 about available enrichment programs, job opportunities, service work, internships, career exploration, college fairs and visits, and various other post-secondary opportunities. And we remind families about deadlines for scholarships and applications.


With a username and password provided by uscheck out the amazing resource that is Naviance. This software application is an incredible tool for exploring post-secondary options!

Self-discovery - Naviance gives students ways to discover their interests and strengths and to understand their personalities and learning styles, which can lead to ideas for majors in college and/or possible careers.

Careers and employment - Students can explore careers and the outlook for employment in those careers.

Scholarships & Financial Aid - Additional resources include tools for college and scholarship searches as well as links to financial aid information.

Practice with planning - We give students in grades 9-12 assignments in Naviance to help them with the planning process.

Document Library - We post a great deal of useful information in the Naviance document library.  Look in the various folders for information from our workshops and presentations, training tools, scholarship postings, and all of the forms needed to navigate the post-secondary process.

Keep reading, or contact Dawn Flanigan Johnson, Amy Murray, Jennifer Lutes , to learn more about our services.

Juniors: The Process

The junior year is a time when Clark students begin to think seriously about their dreams and goals; and it's when they take the PSAT and the ACT here at Clark.

Post-Secondary Intersession

We coordinate a Post-Secondary/College Prep and Tour Intersession that is a requirement for students in the fall of their junior year.  For two weeks regular classes are suspended, and juniors learn all about the post-secondary planning process.

They visit and tour several local colleges and universities -- including large state universities, historically black colleges, private liberal arts programs, and community and technical programs -- and begin to appreciate the differences in programs as they think about the possibilities.

Students also learn how to prepare and register for college testing, how to write resumes and college essays, and how to navigate the application process.

Standardized Testing Strategies

See our College Testing page 

Junior Interviews

See our College and Career Events page

Post-secondary Process meeting

See our College and Career Events page

Money Matters meeting

See our Financial Aid - Scholarship page

Area college fairs and representatives visiting Clark

See our College and Career Events page

Our goal is to keep juniors moving forward in the post-secondary planning process so they come to their senior year ready to decide what path they will follow after Clark.

Contact Dawn Flanigan Johnson, Amy Murray, and Jennifer Lutes with any questions about juniors in the post-secondary planning process.

Seniors: The Process

Moving our seniors through the post-secondary process is a hugely collaborative effort that requires a lot of attention to details and deadlines.


Through a senior class email account, we have daily contact with individuals and with the seniors, as a group, to remind them about important dates and deadlines. Every message is also copied to the parents, so let us know if you are not receiving those emails.


We work closely with senior teachers who serve as Advisors to communicate with groups during Advisory time as needed.


We provide workshops for senior students and their families (other grades are welcome to attend) on important topics:

  • The Application Process
  • Financial Aid and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

We send and post notices on our College and Career Events page about these meetings close to the time of the events, so be watching for these important notices.

The Application Process

We try to make certain that every student is receiving the guidance and support needed to ensure successful navigation through the application process.

Lunch-time sessions - these target the application processes for different post-secondary paths--from career training, to community colleges, to 4-year colleges and universities.

Teacher Recommendations - through advisory, fall camping, and intersessions, Clark teachers spend two years living, working, traveling, and serving with students; so they are able to write wonderful letters of recommendation for students' applications because they understand and appreciate their students' particular gifts on so many levels.

Profile of Clark's unique curriculum - the Post-secondary Center provides this profile to give colleges and other institutions a complete understanding of the rich curriculum from which our students come.

Although we expect our seniors to be accountable throughout the application process, we also help to ensure that students don't miss deadlines and that they take advantage of every opportunity.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

See our Financial Aid - Scholarships page

College Acceptances/Attendance

Since the first Clark graduating class of 2000, our 967 graduates have been offered acceptances to a phenomenal variety of colleges and universities throughout the country.

  • Top-tier colleges and universities
  • Small liberal arts gems
  • Historically black colleges and universities
  • Women’s colleges
  • Regional colleges and universities
  • Community and technical colleges

We encourage all of our students to seek the right fit. In the end, family circumstances may dictate where a student chooses to begin their post-secondary journey.  However, what is most notable is the amount of support the students give one another.  They applaud each other with an equal measure of enthusiasm, whether they are heading off to Stanford, Brown, or Smith, or staying close to home at Northern Kentucky University, the University of Cincinnati, or Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

Feel free to contact Jenny Lutes, Dawn Flanigan Johnson, and Amy Murray with questions about any aspect of the post-secondary planning process!

We look forward to working with you and helping your student discover a bright future beyond Clark!