College and Career Events

Offsite Events​

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At Clark

While many of these events are geared for Juniors/Seniors, all Clark family members are invited to attend and get a head start on the process.

Check back later for listings of college/career events at Clark.

Postsecondary Center Services Around Events

The Post-secondary Center informs students/parents about college and career events happening outside of Clark and holds information sessions here at Clark about college and career topics. 

Notices about events are... 

College/career representative visits and college/career fairs

Throughout the year, we arrange for college representatives to visit Clark and hold lunch-hour sessions, where students in grades 9-11 can talk with representatives or just listen and observe. Students receive information from their advisors about attending visits. (There are also occasionally lunch-hour visits from military recruiters or employers looking for summer workers, such as the Cincinnati Recreation Commission.) We also inform students about area college and career fairs and meetings. NOTE: Juniors are required to attend two college fairs, preferably one in the fall and one in the spring.

Information meetings at Clark

Junior Interviews – We hold individual interviews with each junior beginning in late fall and continuing throughout the year. (NOTE: parents/guardians are welcome to attend.)  Students are required to complete a packet of information to prepare for their interview. This gives them an opportunity to reflect on their post-secondary needs and dreams and provides us with a great deal of information to help guide each student.  We are then available through email during the summer months and can advise or meet with students as needs dictate.

The following meetings are geared towards juniors/seniors and their parents, but any members of the Clark community are welcome to attend.

Juniors – Post-secondary Process Overview meeting ​– This meeting serves as an introduction to the whole post-secondary process and generally happens in the fall or winter.  

Juniors – Money Matters meeting – We hold this meeting to help juniors and their families understand financial aid and the costs associated with higher education.  We also offer strategies for reducing those costs. 

Seniors – Financial Aid and the FAFSA workshop – At this meeting, seniors and their families receive information related to all aspects of financing a college education, including information about filing the FAFSA—Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (NOTE: Filing the FAFSA is the only way students can qualify for many college scholarships, Pell Grants (for low-income families), need-based state grants, and Federal student loans—the safest kind of loans.) 

Seniors – The Application Process – All seniors and at least one family member are expected to attend this very important meeting. We talk in detail about each aspect of the college application process and make sure that everyone's questions are answered. (NOTE: All athletic coaches are aware of the event and will release students from practice or game obligations for it.)