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FAFSA Now Available in October

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is now available for filing on October 1st each year, as compared to years past, when it became available on January 1st. Families are also now able to use their financial information from the IRS forms filed the previous April, as opposed to the current year's financial information.

Scholarship Opportunities

Be Great and Pride Grants for CPS students

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is teaming up with Cincinnati Public Schools for a new program to get more kids into college by closing funding gaps. Pell-Grant-eligible students may receive up to $1000 from Cincinnati State towards the cost of tuition—plus up to $1000 towards the cost of books. The University of Cincinnati Pride Grant offers a similar partnership for CPS students attending UC Blue Ash, UC Clermont, or UC’s Main Campus. For more information, visit the Cincinnati State Be Great Grant webpage and the University of Cincinnati Pride Grant webpage.

Cameron Impact Scholarship

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation is a private, family foundation that was established by Bay Area philanthropist Bryan Cameron in 2015 on the principle of making an impact. Through our four-year undergraduate scholarship program, we aim to provide ample support for extraordinary young adults who see their college education as a stepping stone toward a lifetime of contribution to the greater good. Our substantial, merit-based scholarship is available to individuals who seek to use their gifts and talents to make a positive impact on their communities and society at large in all areas of study and ultimate career paths.

The Cameron Impact Scholarship will be awarded annually to approximately ten high-school seniors. This four-year, merit-based scholarship is intended to cover the full 'educational expenses' at the recipient's chosen collegiate institution (estimated to be between $20,000-$50,000 per annum). Recipients have complete freedom in the choice of their school and area of study; however, a stated goal of public service will be strongly considered.

To be eligible, a candidate must:

  • Have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.7
  • Excel in extracurricular activities
  • Exhibit strong leadership qualities
  • Demonstrate active participation in community service
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Visit the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation website to find out more information about our foundation and the Cameron Impact Scholarship." micro-scholarships

Through a new program called, students can automatically earn scholarships from colleges each time they achieve any of the following goals in school:

  • Get an A in a course  ($100 - $1,000)
  • Get a B in a course ($50 - $600)
  • Participate in a school club or sport ($25 - $250)
  • And much more such as: take an honors course, take an AP course, participate in a sport, volunteer in your community, visit a college, attend a college fair, attend a summer program, take the PSAT, ACT or SAT.

Each college has a different deadline for students who wish to earn scholarships on If students decide to apply for admission to a college where they have earned Micro-Scholarships, they must Follow a college before its Follow Deadline and make sure their Portfolio is as complete as possible to ensure their information is fully submitted to the college. If the student is admitted to the college, their scholarship earnings will automatically be included in their financial aid package

As of today, 258 Clark Montessori students have taken advantage of this opportunity and earned $10,881 in micro-scholarships. This project is funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and U.S. colleges. 

Here is how you can best support your student to get the most from this opportunity:

  1. Ensure that your student creates an account at
  2. Congratulate your student for regularly adding good grades, community service, extracurricular activities, and other achievements to his or her “Portfolio” in order to earn “Micro-Scholarships” from colleges.  Your student is eligible to receive scholarship money for each achievement from the start of 9th grade until the fall of 12th grade (deadline varies by college). 
  3. Visit the parents section of for more information.
  4. If you have questions send an email to

Increasing numbers of public and private colleges continue to join the program. Colleges are added on a monthly basis and you can request colleges at any time.  Your student will automatically get related Micro-Scholarships from all new colleges as they become available.

Ohio State University’s Young Scholars Program 

The Ohio State University’s Young Scholars Program is a fantastic scholarship/financial aid opportunity for academically gifted first-generation college students with financial need. Scholars in good standing upon high school graduation will receive an appropriate financial aid package that includes a generous scholarship (varies based on family income, but the average scholarship amount is $15,500 per year for 4 years).

To qualify, students must...

  • Be currently enrolled in CPS and in 8th-11th grade
  • Be a first generation college student
  • Meet income guidelines (demonstrate significant financial need)
  • Have a 3.3 unweighted GPA
  • Have a strong interest in attending The Ohio State University
  • Agree to complete a rigorous college prep curriculum
  • Agree to attend 2-3 mandatory meetings per month and on-campus residential program

The Young Scholars Program has served over 3,000 students since 1988 and continues to aid its students through pre-college preparation programs and intensive college advising.

For more information email Cincinnati Program Coordinator Yolanda Lawson, call her at (513)363-9076, or go to the Official Young Scholars website.

Post-secondary Planning Center services around Financial Aid/Scholarships

Each year many Clark students are chosen to receive scholarships and financial aid. We keep students abreast of scholarship opportunities throughout the year and offer detailed information about financial aid.

Notices about scholarship opportunities -  the principal's weekly emails include scholarship information; we also post notices about scholarship opportunities at the top of this web page, in the News/What's Happening at Clark? section of this website, and in Naviance.

Internet search engines - we inform students about scholarship search engines so they can do more extensive scholarship searches.

Money Matters meeting for Juniors - We hold this meeting to help juniors and their families (and other attendees) understand financial aid and the costs associated with higher education.  We also offer strategies for reducing those costs. Notices about this meeting will go out in the principal's weekly emails and be posted at the top of the College and Career Events web page and in the announcements on the News/What's Happening at Clark? section of this website a week or so before the event.

Financial Aid and the FAFSA workshop for Seniors – At this meeting, seniors and their families (and any other Clark community members) will receive information related to all aspects of financing a college education, including information about filing the FAFSA—Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (The FAFSA is important because completing it is the only way students can qualify for Pell Grants (for low income families), other need-based federal loans and state grants, and many college scholarships. Also, completing the FAFSA allows students and parents to receive loans through the Federal Government, which are the safest kind of loans.) Notices about this meeting will go out in the principal's weekly emails and be posted to the College and Career Events web page and in the announcements on the News/What's Happening at Clark? section of this website a week or so before the event.

One-on-one sessions to fill out the ​FAFSA and decipher financial aid award letters -  to schedule these daytime and evening sessions throughout the winter months, contact Amy Murray, Jenny Lutes, or Steffanie Gentile.

We follow each student through this process to ensure that no student’s opportunity to attend college is compromised.

Contact Amy Murray, Jenny Lutes, or Stephanie Gentile with questions about applications or financial aid.