Summer Opportunities

Summer Opportunities

When researching summer programs, always ask about scholarships.

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(Once items have been posted for more than two weeks, they are moved to the "College Summer Programs" or the "Other Summer Opportunities" sections, below, and are listed in order of upcoming deadlines.)

Check back in Feb./March of 2018.

    College Summer Programs

    Most colleges offer summer programs, so consider contacting individual colleges to see what they offer. 

    The cost of college summer programs ranges from free to thousands of dollars. We always suggest you contact the college to ask if they have scholarships for those charging a fee. From our experience, most do, but it's not always obvious from the website or link, so don't hesitate to make a phone call.

    ​Other Summer Opportunities

      Check back in Feb./March of 2018

        Post-secondary Planning Center services around summer opportunities

        The Post-secondary Planning Center gathers information and informs students about a variety of summer opportunities, including current (summer) employment, career exploration programs, and academic programs. Though some are more future-focused, all of these summer opportunities help students gain skills and experience that will benefit them for life.

        Notices about these opportunities are posted at the top of this web page and in the weekly announcements that appear in the News/What's New section of this website (a link to these announcements is emailed each week in the principal's "Weekly Update" email).