Student Planner/Handbook

Junior High/High School Student Planner/Handbook    

Download Student Planner/Handbook 2017-2018

We require students to purchase and use the school's academic planner. It is an important means of communication between school and home as well as a place for students to record their assignments and projects.  It also includes the Clark Student Handbook, which details school rules and policies.


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To search inside the handbook for a specific topic: Once you click to open it, press Ctrl-F (Windows) or Cmd-F (Mac), find the search box in upper right corner, and enter the keyword (for example "absence") that you're looking for.


Tips for parents/families: 

  • Parents should check the planner daily. In addition to assignments, school/community events such as detention assignments, behavioral or health concerns, individual commendations, Families For Clark (PTO) meetings, and fundraising opportunities should be noted in the planner.
  • Parents should help their child learn to use the planner efficiently. At the beginning of the year, develop good habits. Spend a few minutes each evening looking through the planner. (Evenings are better than the rushed pace of the mornings.)
  • Add important family events and check over homework assignments. Then help your student begin homework.
  • Check off work with your child as he/she finishes it. Write questions to the teacher, if needed. As your child becomes more skilled with using his/her planner and as good habits are demonstrated, a weekly check will suffice.